For over 500 years now, the castle ghost Hui Buh (Michael Bully Herbig) has been stiring things up at Castle Burgeck. His friend and owner of the castle, King Julius (Christoph Maria Herbst) is not the only one who finds Hui Buh‘s poor attempts at scary hauntings terribly annoying. The chaotic atmosphere at the castle reaches an all time high when the young witch Ophelia appears at the castle gates out of nowhere, claiming to be Hui Buh’s long lost niece. Ophelia is in possession of the Necronomicon, an ancient book of spells that is as evil as it is powerful. Hui Buh, realizing the possibilities that the book would open up for him, is dying to get his hands on the book. But there is someone else who would like to take possession of the book: The evil and unconscionable witch Erla. With the help of his friend King Julius and his new found family member Ophelia, Hui Buh embarks on a dangerous adventure which leads him all the way into the eerie witch forest. Here he is forced to make a terribly difficult choice.



In 1888, Anna Kosminski leaves Hamburg to make a new life with her mother and her brother Jacob in London. She soon discovers that her mother has recently died and her brother is being held in a lu- natic asylum, accused of being the infamous serial killer Jack The Ripper. Anna knows her brother is innocent. But in searching for the real Ripper, she makes herself the target of the brutal killer...



For the most part, TONY RICARDELLI (Rick Kavanian) is quite happy with his job as a professional killer: "Good wages, flexible working hours and you get to meet a lot of people." The only thing he misses is a woman in his life. But no matter how positively women respond to the charming and downright honest gentleman at first – once the issue of Tony's unusual profession comes up he ends up facing rejection all the worse. His destiny takes a interesting turn with a contract that sends him on a mission to Italy: He is to "wipe out" a certain ENRICO PUZZO, world-famous author of investigative Mafia literature. Knowing that he's been making enemies with the mob for a long time, the "traitor" lives and works incognito. No one knows what he looks like, where he is, or what his real name is. At the same time, someone else is after Puzzo – JULIA STEFFENS (Nora Tschiner). She works for the Berlin-based publisher Randall & Son. As a last-ditch effort to keep her job, Julia must get Puzzo under contract for his latest bestseller, which is planned for release at the book fair within a matter of only days. When Julia shows up for the scheduled meeting with Puzzo, things get out of hand in a situation of mistaken identities: Tony has very professionally accomplished his mission and only just had time to elegantly dispose of the body, when Julia enters the room. The moment she lays eyes on Tony, she is convinced he is Enrico Puzzo. Using all her charms, Julia immediately gets to work trying to get the alleged author to sign her contract. Even when Tony tells her that "Enrico Puzzo is dead. My name is Tony Ricardelli, I am a professional hitman!" Julia takes it as some sort of joke the eccentric author is playing on her. – Tony, however, is instantly smitted with Julia and thinks he's found the love of his life. Thus, he slips into the role of the author she takes him for. The only problem is that Julia is engaged to BOBFRIED RANDALL, her employer's neurotic son. As the wedding plans are in full swing, Tony hasn't got much time to win Julia's heart...



As the only ghost with an official license, Hui Buh lives the good life haunting Castle Burgeck. His one problem: He isn't scary. But he does his best and the castle's residents play along. Things go horribly wrong, though, when Hui Buh disrupts the arrival of King Julius III (Christoph Maria Herbst) and his soon-to-be-fiancé Leonora, Countess Etepetete (Heike Makatsch). Furious, Julius destroys Hui Buh's haunting license. At which point the ghostly bureaucracy kicks in and Hui Buh has just two days to win it back or end up in the Soul Soup! Meanwhile, Julius discovers he's bankrupt and even his adjutant Charles (Rick Kavanian) skedaddles. There's nothing for it but to join forces with Hui Buh and solve their problems together. A hair-raising comic adventure in the mysterious ghost town awaits them...

Mini-Series 2002


Young German volunteer Steffen Voght (Matthias Koeberlin) makes a strange discovery on an archaeological excavation in Israel: By a skeleton in a 2000-year-old grave, he finds the instruction manual for a video camera that hasn't been invented yet – it's not due to go on sale for another 3 years!

Weird as it may sound, Steffen can think of only one explanation: The corpse belongs to a time traveler! A time traveler from the near future – when the video camera will be invented – must have traveled 2000 years back in time. And why would anyone want to visit Israel 2000 years ago with a video camera? There can only be one answer: To film Jesus Christ in person!At first Steffen is ridiculed for his idea, but soon he becomes a target for shadowy assailants. Powerful and dangerous opponents seem to think Stephen knows where the time traveler's video is, and begin hunting him ruthlessly. Steffen and his attractive archaeologist colleague Sharon (Naike Rivelli) know their only chance to stay alive is to find the video first and make it public. One thing's for certain: Whatever's on that tape, it could change the future of mankindforever...



After the tragic death of their young son (Eddie Cooper), Ellen (Amanda Plummer) and Martin Shaw (Sean Pertwee) move out to the country to start a new life and leave their dark past behind. Everything seems perfect: A romantic village and the old house that they plan to redecorate together.

But soon after they move into the old country mansion, a series of eerie events begins: Ellen receives cryptic warnings of her own death, warnings only she seems able to perceive. At first Ellen thinks that it must be a hallucination due to what she has been through in the past months. But the signs become more and more threatening and there seems to be a connection between them and the death of her son – as well as to the old house.

Ellen launches her search for the dark secret somehow bound up within the old mansion and her own past. But she hasn't got much time: if these warnings are true, then she only has a few days to live ...



After the death of his wife, Marc Fölster (Christoph M. Ohrt) moves to the seashore because his daughter Johanna (Clara-Paulina Witsch) suffers from asthma like her mother did. He doesn't like the villagers and he doesn't want them to hold the old tradition called the "Biikenbrennen" in front of his house like every year. He thinks it's too dangerous. "Biikenbrennen" are large fires which legend says prevent the ghost of a Pirate named Wavlew from stealing a child from the villagers. So fate strikes and in the Night of the "Biikenbrennen", Johanna disappears. Marc has to get his daughter back – without the help of the villagers...

Geisterstunde - Fahrstuhl ins Jenseits (witching hour)


Somewhere in the 50s: Comic book Artist Philip Mosdi (Jan Niklas) unleashes his mirror image from a magic mirror in an old elevator to solve his career problems. His alter ego seems to have everything Philip is missing: self-confidence, creativity and courage. With the help of his "new friend" Philip becomes the star of the publishing house. But when Philip wants the mirror image to fix his marriage, things get out of hand...




A young woman (Julia Haacke) is hitchhiking on a remote and lonely road. While being chased and stalked by a grimy and rusty van and its creepy driver (Klaus Stiglmeier), she runs off into the woods. But behind a bend she discovers the old van waiting for her and: the driver is dead…